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Bmw F10 8HP Shifter

Bmw F10 8HP Shifter

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3D scan of the Bmw F10 8HP Shifter, often used in retrofits

Scanned with a Creaform Handy Scan Black Elite

.stl .2mm default format 168MB, if others are required please contact us.

Other available formats and resolutions available:

Binary (.stl)
3D points text file (.bet)
Wavefront (.obj)
ZPrint file (.zpr)
VRML 1.0 (.wel)
VRML 2.0/97 (.awa)
Binary PLY(.ply)
IGZip Compressed X3D (.x3d2)
ASCII X3D with embedded texture (.x3d)
ASCII X3D with separate texture (.a3d)
Maya (.ma)
COLLADA (.dae)
Binary Autodesk FBX(.fbx)
ASCII Autodesk FBX(.fbx)
3D Manufacturing Format(.3mf)
30 points with normals text file (.bxt)
IGES (.iges:.igs)

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